10 Year US Treasury – Lowest Level in 2.5 years, Fed Dot Plot, FB Unveils New Crypto Libra

2.4 billion

The Current Number of Facebook Users

Facebook recently announced plans to start a new Cryptocurrency called Libra. The following 28 companies all committed $10M to get a vote in the Libra Association Council. FB hopes to bring that number to 100 before their official launch.

Current Libra Founding Members
10 Year US Treasury Note downward Trend Continues

Rates – improved again this week as the 10 Year US Treasury note dropped below the 2.0 threshold to territory we haven’t seen since the 2016 election 2.5 years ago.

Each dot represents where 1 of the 17 voting members thinks rates will be

Fed – as expected the Fed kept short term rates unchanged. As a reminder the Fed Funds rate is different than long term mortgage rates and dictates the overnight rate that banks lend money to each other at. It does, however, influence the rate of Home Equity Lines of Credit. (HELOCs). The voting members are split, about half think rates will stay steady in 2019, and half think rates will drop twice to 2.0%.

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