Mortgage Forbearance, Rate Rodeo, Jobless Claims, Fed Funds

Forbearance: Fannie, Freddie, the department of HUD and other banks have announced temporary forbearance for mortgage payments. What does that mean? Well it will depend on your servicer’s terms (who you pay your mortgage to). If you are considering utilizing this, call them immediately. Investopedia provides a basic definition – the lender allows you to […]

Fed Talk, Rates Improve, What’s a Yield Curve Inversion?

The main way the Fed influences interest rates is very narrow, usually through a policy lever known as the federal funds rate. It’s the rate banks charge each other to borrow money overnight. By making it cheaper for banks to borrow, it makes it cheaper for businesses and households to borrow. That is the traditional […]

Fortnite World Cup, Rates Improve, Fed Funds 0.25% Cut

E-Sports – the Fortnite (released July 2017) world cup took place last weekend in the sold out Arthur Ashe Stadium (seats 23K+). A 16 year-old beat out 40 million players to win a $3M purse which eclipsed Djokovic & Halep’s purses @ Wimbledon. Viewership peaked at 2.3M viewers which is 2.6X the viewership of Wimbledon […]

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