Infrastructure Plan, Rents Normalizing, Home Appreciation 15 Year High

Infrastructure Part 1- Biden outlined his $2T infrastructure plan this week – it is structured as $250M per year over 8 years funded by an increase in corporate taxes from 21%-28% (still lower than 2017 cuts) and the elimination of a rule that allows U.S. companies to pay no taxes on the first 10% of […]

Mars House, Mild Inflation, Strong Home Sales

Tired of getting beat out making offers on homes, why not purchase a digital one? This home is chalk full of features including gem-like furniture made from tempered glass & a roof embedded with MicroLEDs capable of displaying different colors or even landscapes – did I mention that the backyard view is in Mars? If […]

Dumplings for a Party, Mortgage Rates Increase, Tepid Inflation

Happy Lunar New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying time with family & friends and eating lots of good food. A big thank you to all of our clients, business partners, friends & family for the great year of the Rat. We are sad to cancel our annual dumpling party – instead I made a video […]

Responding to Failure, Meek Jobs Report, Strong Appreciation

A story of how two brilliant investors responded to an economic crisis that left them nearly wiped out. Why was John Keynes able to recover? John was able to change his mind and see failure as a learning opportunity. Rates – increased very marginally this week as the price of Mortgage Backed Securities degraded slightly. […]

Short Squeeze, Fed Still Buying, Strong Home Sales

If you are like me your probably read at least 5 stories about Gamestop this week. This is a great example of a ‘short squeeze.’ There has been other speculation about ‘pump and dump’ strategies and whether it really is a David vs. Goliath story (Cleary in runs like this the ones that got in […]

Necessity Breeds Innovation, Freight Increases, Stimulus Plan Released

One exciting outcome of the pandemic is innovation. This story is a classic example of starting a business out of need for income and demand in the market. According to the census bureau this is happeningaround the country at the fastest pace in a decade. Rates – recovered some of their losses from the previous […]

Turkey Futures, Loan Performance, Tepid Inflation

As someone that loves turkey leftovers (porridge, ramen, pasta, tacos) I’ve never had a problem buying/eating a larger. This year we will likely see an oversupply of turkey and lower turkey prices after peak season. Rates – ended the week where they started with some fluctuation in response to Pfizer’s vaccine announcement (upward pressure) as […]

2021 Contribution Limits, Appreciation Strong

The IRS increased contribution limits for SEP IRA & Solo 401K contributors by $1,000. They did not increase the limit for traditional and Roth IRA’s and slightly increased the HSA contribution limit. All of these accounts enjoy tax advantaged growth. Rates – experienced nominal fluctuation this week. The 10 Year US Treasury note continues its […]

Higher Priced Homes Selling, Builders Confident, Forbearance Update

Homes in the $100,000 to $250,000 range only saw a 4% gain in sales compared to a year ago, while sales of homes costing more than $1 million more than doubled. Lawrence Yun Rates – ticked up marginally this week maintaing the slight upward trend over the last quarter. They remain nearly 1% lower than […]

Migration Data, Jobs Update, Inflation

This NPR story interviews Marie Patino from Bloomberg City Lab as she wrote an article that interprets the migration data during early Covid-19. Though dated to the beginning of the pandemic, it helps address the anecdotal ‘exodus from large cities’. In the US, Manhattan and San Francisco are experiencing urban flight (homes sales in Manhattan […]

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