Thanksgiving Dinner 35 Year Low, Homes Appreciate 7% Nationwide

For 2020, the average cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner for 10 people was $46.90. This is a 4% decrease from last year and the lowest level since 2010. If you adjust for inflation, there hasn’t been a cheaper year since the survey started in 1986. Turkey prices dropped 7% year over year to $1.21 per […]

2021 Contribution Limits, Appreciation Strong

The IRS increased contribution limits for SEP IRA & Solo 401K contributors by $1,000. They did not increase the limit for traditional and Roth IRA’s and slightly increased the HSA contribution limit. All of these accounts enjoy tax advantaged growth. Rates – experienced nominal fluctuation this week. The 10 Year US Treasury note continues its […]

Duels, Gambling, & Finance, Home Appreciation, Jobs

John Law – wins in a duel in London and is convicted of murder. He escapes from prison, flees the country, and arrives in France. There he leverages his understanding of statistics to earn a small fortune gambling, which he builds into a large fortune by creating a paper money system and giving birth to […]

Consumer Trends, Rates Inch Up, Home Sales on Fire

In addition to purchasing more groceries, consumer buying patterns have impacted other non-obvious sectors. Sales are up on cigarettes, used cars, energy, camp supplies, and fake meat. Rates – moved up slightly this week as the 10 Year US Treasury increased for the 3rd consecutive week. Rates are down 3/4% from this time last year. […]

Jobless Claims Remain at 1.5M, Tight Supply, Strong Purchase Applications

Which economies have fared well during Covid and do they have anything in common? Japan & Germany’s work sharing programs have performed well – instead of cutting 20% of your workforce cut everyone’s hours by 20% and the government provides assistance as well. Ultimately countries with the best healthcare and aggressive early public health responses […]

Pandemic Trade, Unemployment Claims, Fed Stimulus

Hospitals, adult care facilities, essential workers, and the public at large (especially individuals with comorbidities) are in dire need of face masks. I interviewed a college friend who lives in Nanjing and is now on the other side of the curve. He does import/export and leveraged his shipping connections to source face masks for friends and hospitals. […]

Corona Data, Treasury Decline, Fed Emergency Cut

Coronavirus – the larger 40 page report can be found here. There is plenty of memes and noise circulating about the virus, here is a report from the World Health Organization. In this study of over 44,000 infected individuals 3.4% died. Certain factors heightened chance of fatality including: gender (males 4.7% vs 2.8% female), age […]

Intellectual Wealth, 10Y UST Historic Low, Appreciation

Wealth – currently California’s economy is larger than the entire global economy of 1870. CA makes up 0.3% of the world’s land surface and 0.5% of the population. 27% of global capital is physical things (items you can touch) 9% is land, and 64% of wealth is ideas. The US economy continues to make up […]

Capitalists, Shipping Decline, Strong Home Sales

Capitalists – in the past there was a stark division from those who made their money from labor and those who earned money from capital (ownership of equities, real estate, business, etc.). Increasingly the same people are simultaneously high wage earners and capital earners. Rates – improved very slightly this week as the 10 Year […]

Solar Cheapest Energy Source, Delinquencies Low, Rates Tepid

Solar – in 2006 Solar energy cost 20 times the price per kilowatt hour of natural gas or coal. 15 years later, due to Federal and state subsidies that brought more companies into the market and fostered competition, solar panels are: twice as efficient, cost $150 per panel (vs. $1,000), and produce a kilowatt hour […]

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