RoboCalls – Every second 2,115 Robocalls are made in the United States. With ‘spoofing’ technology, scammers make it look like the call is coming from a local or even your own number. The FCC has announced that Telcom Companies have a year to institute ‘Shaken/stir’ technology. A reduction in RoboCalls would be welcome, but according to developers, implementation will take a few years.

Rates – moved sideways this week. Over the last 30 days rates have improved slightly. Year over year rates are down roughly 7/8ths of 1 percent.


Shipping – volume is down nearly 8% year over year which is the steepest decline since 2008-09. This is an important index to follow as most companies ship goods.


Loans Perform – only 1.3% of homes are seriously delinquent (90+ days overdue) on their mortgage payment. Jobs, home appreciation, and strong underwriting continues to help loans perform well.

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