Turkey Futures, Loan Performance, Tepid Inflation

As someone that loves turkey leftovers (porridge, ramen, pasta, tacos) I’ve never had a problem buying/eating a larger. This year we will likely see an oversupply of turkey and lower turkey prices after peak season. Rates – ended the week where they started with some fluctuation in response to Pfizer’s vaccine announcement (upward pressure) as […]

Robo Calls, Rates Tepid, Lack Luster Shipping, Strong Loan Performance.

RoboCalls – Every second 2,115 Robocalls are made in the United States. With ‘spoofing’ technology, scammers make it look like the call is coming from a local or even your own number. The FCC has announced that Telcom Companies have a year to institute ‘Shaken/stir’ technology. A reduction in RoboCalls would be welcome, but according […]

PDX Grocer Sells, Loans Perform, Inflation Data

Local grocer New Seasons sold for an undisclosed amount to South Korean Company Emart (who purchased Good Food Holdings last year for $275M). In the last 20 years the chain has built 21 stores, 18 in the Portland Metro, and employes 3,800 workers. It also owned 5 California markets operating under the “New Leaf Community […]

How Tax Code Created ‘The Claw’, Rates increase in September

The “beverage of the summer’s” popularity (a frat spent $7,500 on a bulk purchase in Austin) is due partially to our tax laws. Spirits are taxed at a higher rate than beer making it expensive to mix vodka into a cocktail and sell it. White Claw outsmarted the tax code by reinvented the process to […]

Cornering the Lottery, Delinquencies Hit 20 Year Low, Rates Bounce Up.

Ever think about buying all possible number combinations to win the lottery? This story covers this history of lottery and how one man managed to successfully corner the lottery 12 times. Rates bounced up this week after a steady decline for the previous two months. Fed Chair Jerome Powell testified that uncertainty continues to weigh […]

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