Polymath – was first used in the early 17th century to mean a person with ‘many learnings’ – most researches argue that to be a true polymath you need some kind of formal acclaim in at least two apparently unrelated domains. Some people fear that the pursuit of too many interests can lead to the “jack of all trades master of none” outcome. Research shows that it’s a more efficient use of time to switch between skills or subjects. Einstein use to play music when facing a physics block and would finish a performance by saying “There now, I’ve got it”.

Nobel Prize-winning scientists are 25x more likely to sing, dance, or act than an average scientist. They are also 17 times more likely to create visual art, 12 times more likely to write poetry and four times more likely to be a musician.

Rates – increased marginally this week in response to news of a trade deal forged with China. In December the 10 Year US Treasury note has increased at steady clip.


Jobs – the number of people filing for unemployment did dip last week but it is still up from previous levels. Historically, an upward trend in jobless claims indicates recession.


Home Sales – the number of home sales decreased in November because of a lack of supply. The number of homes on the market last month was the lowest ever recorded and the median price was also the highest in November. Demand remains strong and the lack of supply pushes prices upward.


New Construction – over the last year new construction has increased nicely. The number of new projects that actually started is up 13.6% year over year and the number of permits is up 11.1% which is a good indicator of new projects moving forward.

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