Infrastructure Plan, Rents Normalizing, Home Appreciation 15 Year High

Infrastructure Part 1- Biden outlined his $2T infrastructure plan this week – it is structured as $250M per year over 8 years funded by an increase in corporate taxes from 21%-28% (still lower than 2017 cuts) and the elimination of a rule that allows U.S. companies to pay no taxes on the first 10% of […]

Mars House, Mild Inflation, Strong Home Sales

Tired of getting beat out making offers on homes, why not purchase a digital one? This home is chalk full of features including gem-like furniture made from tempered glass & a roof embedded with MicroLEDs capable of displaying different colors or even landscapes – did I mention that the backyard view is in Mars? If […]

2020 Affordability, Fed Consistent, SFR Permits Improve

Even though home prices increased reached an all time high last year affordability increased significantly. A good reminder that that their are multiple factors to consider when purchasing a home and chief among them is monthly payment compared to monthly wages – not what rate or what price. Rates increased again this week as Mortgage […]

New Stimulus, Strong Equity, Light Inflation

$1.9T in Stimulus includes: $1,400 to individuals meeting requirements$300 additional weekly unemployment benefits extendeduntil Sept 6th, gig workers can qualify. Student loan forgiveness not taxable through 2025! Child Tax Credit is now more generous increasing as much as $3,600 per child. Rates – Increased again this week continuing the 2 month trend. Rates are down […]

Propane Demand, Mortgage Rates Increase, Home Building

Pandeminomics: If you have tried to find propane recently (this week I felt the squeeze on bar & chain oil & non-ethanol gasoline) you must understand that 50% of people get their heat from liquid propane or natural gas in this country. When power goes out people turn to propane and non-ethanol gas to run […]

Dumplings for a Party, Mortgage Rates Increase, Tepid Inflation

Happy Lunar New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying time with family & friends and eating lots of good food. A big thank you to all of our clients, business partners, friends & family for the great year of the Rat. We are sad to cancel our annual dumpling party – instead I made a video […]

Necessity Breeds Innovation, Freight Increases, Stimulus Plan Released

One exciting outcome of the pandemic is innovation. This story is a classic example of starting a business out of need for income and demand in the market. According to the census bureau this is happeningaround the country at the fastest pace in a decade. Rates – recovered some of their losses from the previous […]

2021 Indicators, Jobs Report, Rates Increase

Insight for 2021: – Basic needs: Between the end of August and December the number of Americans not getting enough food increased by 5M and is now up to 27M or 1 in every 8 Americans. Hopefully this will drop back down by 5M with new stimulus extending unemployment benefits– Service spending: spending money on […]

Rural Relocation Bonus, Massive Appreciation, Jobs Update

Instead of offering tax incentives to lure corporate headquarters, some rural cities are offering ‘relocation bonuses’ of up to $10,000 & a new bike to draw young professionals working remotely to their towns. Rates – improved slightly this week as Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) bounced up, breaking outside of the narrow December trading range. This […]

Capitalist Xmas Tree Story, Rates Flat, Jobless Claims Increase

Wanna understand the economics of Christmas Tree sales? Why not drive to the auction house and buy a truckbed full? Spoiler alert – they didn’t end up making a profit but one of their customers was a composer and made a great carol out of it. Rates – the price of Mortgage Back Securities (MBS) […]

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