GDP Contracts, Rates Improve, Appreciation Strong

GDP – the headline figure for the worst GDP report on record was -33%, does that mean that 1/3 of our economy evaporated in one quarter? The report showed that we produced 9.5% less in Q2 than Q1. If we continue on this rate for an entire year, then the economy would contract by a […]

Solar Cheapest Energy Source, Delinquencies Low, Rates Tepid

Solar – in 2006 Solar energy cost 20 times the price per kilowatt hour of natural gas or coal. 15 years later, due to Federal and state subsidies that brought more companies into the market and fostered competition, solar panels are: twice as efficient, cost $150 per panel (vs. $1,000), and produce a kilowatt hour […]

PDX Grocer Sells, Loans Perform, Inflation Data

Local grocer New Seasons sold for an undisclosed amount to South Korean Company Emart (who purchased Good Food Holdings last year for $275M). In the last 20 years the chain has built 21 stores, 18 in the Portland Metro, and employes 3,800 workers. It also owned 5 California markets operating under the “New Leaf Community […]

Thanksgiving Price, Home Sales Strong, Rates Improve Marginally

Thanksgiving – NPR runs a story on the cost of Thanksgiving every year where they have volunteer shoppers from around the country survey and evaluate prices for the classic Thanksgiving meal for 10. The price came out to $48.91 which is up one single penny from last year. Turkey has come down 4% at $1.30 […]

Jobs Report, Fed Rate Cut, Inflation Mild

Delayed maintenance can really bite you, and your clients. PG&E’s equipment has been blamed for starting a 100,000 acre fire that killed approximately 100 people and is now resorting to blacking out areas of its grid to avoid future incidents (they are estimated to be liable for $30B and it is speculated they will not […]

Rethinking Economic Principles, Rates Flat, Appreciation

Going below the ‘natural rate’ of unemployment could spark an inflationary escalator. even Fed Chair Powell has commented on how the relationship between unemployment & inflation has been zero. Globalization is good for everyone – except our blue collar workers. Large budget deficits cause the government and private sector to compete over selling bonds driving […]

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