Mars House, Mild Inflation, Strong Home Sales

Tired of getting beat out making offers on homes, why not purchase a digital one? This home is chalk full of features including gem-like furniture made from tempered glass & a roof embedded with MicroLEDs capable of displaying different colors or even landscapes – did I mention that the backyard view is in Mars? If […]

2020 Affordability, Fed Consistent, SFR Permits Improve

Even though home prices increased reached an all time high last year affordability increased significantly. A good reminder that that their are multiple factors to consider when purchasing a home and chief among them is monthly payment compared to monthly wages – not what rate or what price. Rates increased again this week as Mortgage […]

New Stimulus, Strong Equity, Light Inflation

$1.9T in Stimulus includes: $1,400 to individuals meeting requirements$300 additional weekly unemployment benefits extendeduntil Sept 6th, gig workers can qualify. Student loan forgiveness not taxable through 2025! Child Tax Credit is now more generous increasing as much as $3,600 per child. Rates – Increased again this week continuing the 2 month trend. Rates are down […]

Digital Renaissance & February Jobs Report

Cryptocurrency has given birth to a Renaissance* in digital art. This pixelated pop-tart rainbow cat’s original image and code (non-fungible token) sold for a whopping $590,000. A NFT or non-fungible token cannot be exchanged for another thing of equal value, it’s one of a kind. Which is how cryptocurrency is sold. Ultimately what your buying […]

2021 = Recovery? Home Sales & Values on Fire

Three positive economic indicators in 2021:1.) People are spending money again – retail sales are up 5% and bar/restaurant sales are up 7%2.) The lives of more economically vulnerable people are improving – 5 million fewer people reported not having enough food to eat (unfortunately there are still 24M people short on food) and only […]

Propane Demand, Mortgage Rates Increase, Home Building

Pandeminomics: If you have tried to find propane recently (this week I felt the squeeze on bar & chain oil & non-ethanol gasoline) you must understand that 50% of people get their heat from liquid propane or natural gas in this country. When power goes out people turn to propane and non-ethanol gas to run […]

Dumplings for a Party, Mortgage Rates Increase, Tepid Inflation

Happy Lunar New Year! Hope everyone is enjoying time with family & friends and eating lots of good food. A big thank you to all of our clients, business partners, friends & family for the great year of the Rat. We are sad to cancel our annual dumpling party – instead I made a video […]

Responding to Failure, Meek Jobs Report, Strong Appreciation

A story of how two brilliant investors responded to an economic crisis that left them nearly wiped out. Why was John Keynes able to recover? John was able to change his mind and see failure as a learning opportunity. Rates – increased very marginally this week as the price of Mortgage Backed Securities degraded slightly. […]

Short Squeeze, Fed Still Buying, Strong Home Sales

If you are like me your probably read at least 5 stories about Gamestop this week. This is a great example of a ‘short squeeze.’ There has been other speculation about ‘pump and dump’ strategies and whether it really is a David vs. Goliath story (Cleary in runs like this the ones that got in […]

Yellen is Back, Market Euphoria, MBS Follow Technicals

During her confirmation hearing Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen – previous Fed Chair who is supported by all living former Treasury secretaries – told congress it’s time to go big while rates are low. The head of both our fiscal policy (treasury secretary) and our monetary policy (federal reserve) are both quick to open their wallets […]

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