Share of Sales

Homes are selling at or above listing price 31% of the time nationwide (fairly stable) down from a peak of 40% in Q2 of 2018. In Seattle this figure is closer to 50% and in San Francisco it is at 70%.

10 Year US Treasury Note Previous Quarter Day Trading Range

Rates – in response to tariff talks, rates improved again this week by approximately 1/8% in most programs as the 10 Year US treasury note dropped to its lowest level since September 2017.

FHFA Measures Home Appreciation on Single Family Homes with Conforming Loans

Appreciation continues to steadily march forward at a nearly 5% year-over-year. If you purchased a $300,000 home in March 2018 it would be worth over $314,700. The largest gains were in the Mountain region

Portland – saw increased activity in April with a 5.5% year over year gain in listings and a 20.1% increase from March. Closings are up 10.4% from March and 4.5% year over year. Days on market decreased to 53 days with inventory at 2.2 months.

*Thanks David Caldwell for the local update

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