We purchased a home 2012. I was 3 years into my culinary career and paying down student debt. Kate was in year 3 of her master’s degree in occupational therapy and we hadn’t even started payment on those loans. 7 years later our home has turned into a ‘financial umbrella’ – if necessary we could refinance and consolidate our student debt into our mortgage. Alternatively we could sell our home and use the equity to pay of the student loans and the excess as a down payment on a new home. As a third option we could tap the equity of our current for a down-payment on a new home and convert our current home into a rental property which would generate passive income to assist in paying down debt. Over the long term our home has provided us with different financial options that otherwise would have been difficult to obtain.

At our happy hour tomorrow we will be talking about student debt, housing as a financial umbrella, & properties that are good for first time buyers.


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