Mortgage Forbearance, Rate Rodeo, Jobless Claims, Fed Funds

Forbearance: Fannie, Freddie, the department of HUD and other banks have announced temporary forbearance for mortgage payments. What does that mean? Well it will depend on your servicer’s terms (who you pay your mortgage to). If you are considering utilizing this, call them immediately. Investopedia provides a basic definition – the lender allows you to […]

Cheap Fuel, Rate Volatility, 20 Year Low Delinquency levels.

Gasoline – people staying home & the price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia has lowered the demand for fuel (I didn’t even wait in line at Costco this week!). Prices have dropped to a national average of $2.30. At one pump in Virginia prices are $1.81 per gallon. Savings are a moot point if […]

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