2021 Contribution Limits, Appreciation Strong

The IRS increased contribution limits for SEP IRA & Solo 401K contributors by $1,000. They did not increase the limit for traditional and Roth IRA’s and slightly increased the HSA contribution limit. All of these accounts enjoy tax advantaged growth. Rates – experienced nominal fluctuation this week. The 10 Year US Treasury note continues its […]

GDP Contracts, Rates Improve, Appreciation Strong

GDP – the headline figure for the worst GDP report on record was -33%, does that mean that 1/3 of our economy evaporated in one quarter? The report showed that we produced 9.5% less in Q2 than Q1. If we continue on this rate for an entire year, then the economy would contract by a […]

Fed Meeting, Jobless Claims, Remarkable 10-Year Change in Home Equity

Rates – moved back down to historic lows near after Fed meeting on Wednesday that rocked equity markets. Jobs – the number of people filing for unemployment for the first time continues to decline but remains at an alarming 7X pre-covid numbers and over 2X previous recession highs (600K). Fed – the Fed met on […]

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