Migration Data, Jobs Update, Inflation

This NPR story interviews Marie Patino from Bloomberg City Lab as she wrote an article that interprets the migration data during early Covid-19. Though dated to the beginning of the pandemic, it helps address the anecdotal ‘exodus from large cities’. In the US, Manhattan and San Francisco are experiencing urban flight (homes sales in Manhattan […]

Jobless Claims Remain at 1.5M, Tight Supply, Strong Purchase Applications

Which economies have fared well during Covid and do they have anything in common? Japan & Germany’s work sharing programs have performed well – instead of cutting 20% of your workforce cut everyone’s hours by 20% and the government provides assistance as well. Ultimately countries with the best healthcare and aggressive early public health responses […]

Disney Shanghai, Jobs Report, Forbearance Numbers

Social Distancing – in China is extremely deliberate. To enter the Disneyland park you need to: wear a mask, pass a temperature check, & pass an individual QR code check which provides data on your recent travel and spits out an algorithmic score of your infection risk based on movement. Rates – increased nominally this […]

Back Open? Unemployment, Appreciation, Tepid Rates.

After 97% of the country implemented some type of ‘stay at home’ guidance in various states businesses began to reopen this week. The question of how to reopen safely and at what capacity is a fine line people will be negotiating. Rates – the price of Mortgage Backed Securities fluctuated nominally during the month of […]

Back to Work? 22M Jobless Claims & Forbearance

Covid-19 – worldwide countries, states, counties and cities weigh the cost of opening back up the economy versus maintaining social distancing/shelter in place. Texas announced they will re-open with a clear plan: 4/20: State Parks – masks required, groups more than 5 prohibited, maintain social distance4/22: surgery restrictions lifted4/24: all retail stores open limited to […]

Pandemic Trade, Unemployment Claims, Fed Stimulus

Hospitals, adult care facilities, essential workers, and the public at large (especially individuals with comorbidities) are in dire need of face masks. I interviewed a college friend who lives in Nanjing and is now on the other side of the curve. He does import/export and leveraged his shipping connections to source face masks for friends and hospitals. […]

Conservative Guidelines, Stable Bond Market, Jobless Claims Double

Guidelines – First the positives: e-notarization should be coming soon in Oregon. A written bill has been languishing and the opportunity is finally ripe! Sometimes it takes a crisis to spark cooperation. Currently it is easier to get an appraisal waiver and in certain areas it is also possible to go with a Desktop or […]

Virtual Interaction, Stimulus Package, Jobless Claims

Many people are turning to the plethora of free software like Zoom for virtual meetings, conferences, and basic human interaction. Early this week my family played Pictionary using the Zoom ‘whiteboard’ function and a pictionary random word generator. If you prefer more complicated or resource driven games try the link above! Rates – continue to […]

Mortgage Forbearance, Rate Rodeo, Jobless Claims, Fed Funds

Forbearance: Fannie, Freddie, the department of HUD and other banks have announced temporary forbearance for mortgage payments. What does that mean? Well it will depend on your servicer’s terms (who you pay your mortgage to). If you are considering utilizing this, call them immediately. Investopedia provides a basic definition – the lender allows you to […]

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