Lunar New Year is my favorite holiday because it revolves around food & lasts for two full weeks. As a kid it is paticularly fun because you get lots of treats and ‘lucky money’ in red envelopes from adult relatives. Typically we thow a big party and prepare over 600 dumplings for our celebration. This year we improvised due to Covid-19. Instead of feeding you, I’m giving you the tools to feed yourself! Grab some popcorn & enjoy a super-condensed 13 minute video! You should be able to master the art of mass producing dumplings after this tutorial and host a lunar party of your own (you might even find some Easter Eggs).


10# Pork Shoulder Cut into Strips
5# Pork Belly Cut into strips
3ea Eggs
1ea Large Head Boc Choy
1ea Bunch of Green Onions
1ea Chunk of Ginger – about the size of two finger
1ea Head of Garlic
3T Fermented tofu
4T Soy Sauce (to taste)
3T Sesame Oil
2T Pepper
1T Chili flake (to taste)
4T Sea Salt (to taste)
400+ Dumpling Wrappers (thick or thin variety recommended – find at your local Asian market)

Sauce Ingredients:

Splash Soy Sauce
Splash Sesame Oil
Splash Zhenjiang Vinegar
Splash Dumpling Cooking Water
1T Green Onion


  1. Watch the video
  2. Grind meat and vegetables together. Add eggs & seasonings – mix thoroughly. Chill.
  3. Invaginate 1 T of meat mixture into wrappers – see video.

4. Boil for 5ish minutes (7ish if frozen)
5. Toss with sauce ingredients and enjoy with friends & family.

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